I want to help you build the most lucrative online space using the power of Pinterest! It's not just where you look at future home inspo or lazy girl hair tutorials any more! Let's talk strategy & create your path to pinning!

Hey there! I'm Chelsea! From six figure corporate sales earner to stay-at-home mama life to now, mompreneur trying to juggle being a tired AF toddler & 6-month-old mama who needed to rediscover that fire of passion & success. You'll find me with a top-knot, bra-less and flawless, sipping (*or maybe chugging) iced coffee and striving to help others create a life of freedom! That's why you're here right? It's like I have ESPN or something!  


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You captured their initial attention, let's retain it over & over again with monthly strategies in place.

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2/3 of users are mamas just like us! They are already looking for what you offer!

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Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can grow organic traffic without paid advertising

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You have big goals, but are struggling to see the growth you desire.

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Are you a growing or established mompreneur, but haven't tapped into the Pinterest to its full potential?... and maybe don't even know where to start? And juuuust maybe are you trying to help provide for your family while pursuing your passions? I totally get you, mama! Let's chat more to ensure we are a great fit together & knock this thing out of the park! 

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