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I was on such an incredible path with alll of my ducks in a row.  I was doing everything I could think of to set my foundation right. I don’t want no cracks peepin in later.

I had a beautiful set schedule. I finally convinced myself and my husband that our two year old, Grayson, should do 3 half-days each week at this amazing little school. The mom guilt was enormous. Like so enormous. I’m sure you can imagine.  

3 Tips To Do Your Best as a Work at Home Mom During Covid-19

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I have been feeling so misaligned, overwhelmed, confused, and basically directionless when it comes to living out my passions because I need to really dive deep to discover what they are.

Over the weekend we dove deep into my potential passions, but discovered I need to go back to square one. I need to get my mind right. My energy right. And my habits right.

Affirmations for Re-Discovering 
Your Self-Worth, 
Confidence & Energy

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Trying to eat SUPER healthy & don’t have a lot of time? Then, I have the PERFECT solution for you!
You know what’s the rage?? PLANT BASED diets! Have you seen the Netflix Documentary, Game Changers? It’s a must watch about the science of food and how elite athletes are turning to plant based nutrition to perform at the highest levels...

Your FREE 7 Day Plant Based Meal Plan & Grocery List

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If you are not utilizing Pinterest for your business, you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic, leads and revenue! Big mistake! HUGE! (You like my Pretty Woman reference there? ;) ) Pinterest is unique in the fact that it truly is not just another social media platform. It really serves as a search engine. 

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Pinterest - How I Can Help

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Are you pregnant with your second baby? Oh my gosh- congratulations!! It's a bit different this time around, now that you have another child to take care of & navigate growing another little bundle of joy! I wish you luck! It is TI-YUR-ING! But let's not lollygag- let's jump right in! 

What I am Doing Differently with Baby #Two

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I'll give it to you straight- it never even occurred to me that one could be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I always came from the mindset of a user. I would pin like crazy- healthy pregnancy workouts, dream home inspiration, recipes I wanted to try that week, & everything in between. One day my perspective shifted.

Why I Became a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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When heavily considering becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA), I reallllly wanted to ensure that I had the qualities that could see long term success. Want to create a lucrative PVA business? It's imperative you embody these 5 simple qualities!

5 Qualities of a Great Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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